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Autumn Rhythm Workshop 2018 registration

Nov. 2, 2018 to Nov. 4, 2018

Autumn  Rhythm is a weekend workshop that focuses on swing-era dances of the  1930's and 40's, with special guest instructors Heather Ballew, Krister  Shalm, and Jasper Palfree, and Edmonton's own Julie Kiraly! Join us November 2-4, 2018, for social dancing, classes, and more! 

Two Tracks

8 Hours of Classes
Social Dances
Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Authentic Jazz!

Space is limited! No refunds or credits available. 

Full details are on the Autumn Rhythm Workshop 2018 website; if you have any questions, please contact the organizers at juliekiraly@hitthatjive.ca

Full Weekend Pass Please note that there are No Refunds or Credits
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By registering for the Autumn Rhythm Workshop, I have chosen to participate in instruction given by Hit That Jive Productions Ltd. and  their affiliates.  I acknowledge that I understand the nature of the  activities that I will be participating in and the possibility that  despite precautions, accidents and/or physical injury may occur. I agree  to release and hold harmless Hit That Jive Productions Ltd. including  its teachers, directors, staff members, and volunteers from any cause  of action, claims, or demands now and in the future. I will not hold Hit  That Jive Productions Ltd. liable  for any personal injury or any personal property damage or loss, which  may occur on the premises before, during or after classes or which may  occur at any Hit That Jive Productions Ltd. sponsored event. I authorize and agree that Hit That Jive Productions Ltd. may  take and use photographs, videos or likenesses of myself as needed for  its record keeping, advertising, social media and/or public relations  projects and that I have no rights to the same and will not be  compensated for the same. I agree to adhere to the Hit That Jive safer  spaces policy, and acknowledge that refusal to do so may have result in  my removal from the event. My registration is proof of my intention to  execute a complete and unconditional waiver and release of all liability  pursuant to the terms herein, and agreement as to all terms and  conditions contained above. 

You will receive an email confirming your registration and another when your payment is processed. Your registration number will be your "electronic ticket" (No physical ticket will be issued.)