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Winterstock 2019 registration

Feb. 15, 2019 to Feb. 18, 2019

Registration for Winterstock is $165 for the full weekend and this includes all of your meals from Friday night to Monday breakfast.

A few important notes about Winterstock.

1. There are no one day passes or drop-ins allowed at Winterstock.  The Wolf Den can only accommodate 29 people at any time so if you are not registered for the full weekend you will not be allowed to enter the area.

2. Until January 15th, 2019, you can cancel your Winterstock registration for $25.00.  Alternatively, you can transfer your registration for free.  Please email winterstock@torontolindyhop.com.

3. After January 15th, 2019 there will be no refunds or registration transfers.

4. You must be 19+ to attend Winterstock 2019.

Full details are on the Winterstock 2019 website; if you have any questions, please contact the organizers at lindystock@torontolindyhop.com

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  1. All activities I engage in at Winterstock (including but not limited to dancing, cooking, sporting activities, indoor and outdoor activities, campfires, provided meals consumed, etc.) will be done so at my own risk. I take full responsibility for any and all of my actions as well as any harm done to myself and/or all others around me during this event. This includes all activities that occur on the event premises as well as any or all activities that occur off-site during this event.
  2. I will not consume alcohol while engaging in any activity that requires a proper level of mental and/or physical capacity and attention. I take full responsibility for any harm caused to myself and/or others and/or any property damaged if I am under the influence of alcohol or any other mind altering substance.
  3. I will not misuse any property, lodge, building, or any structure on the premises or any property outside of the premises at any time during this event. I will not expose myself, others or any property to any risk or hazard while utilizing any and all property on or off the premises. I take full responsibility and agree to be fully liable for any personal and/or property damage that are a result of my actions during this event.
  4. I will not smoke in or near any building on the premises where smoking can or will cause any amount of risk to any person(s) or property whatsoever. I will thoroughly extinguish all matches, tobacco and/or flammable products and will put all remaining filters and/or tobacco product in the proper disposal(s) in a safe manner. I will also not light any candles, incense or any other flammable material in or around any building on or off the premises.
  5. I will abide by all local, provincial and federal laws and regulations for the entire duration of this event.
  6. I recognize and understand the active and strenuous nature of dancing as well as all activities during this event and I agree to hold harmless Toronto Lindy Hop, Wolf Den Lodge, and all or any of their various owners, directors, employees, agents, members, subsidiaries, partners, successors and assign from ANY and ALL claims, causes of action, suits or liability, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees) for any loss or injuries that I may sustain or cause as a result of my actions during this event. I agree to engage in all activities in a safe manner and to protect myself and those around me from any and all possibility of injury at all times.
  7. I understand that these rules exist for the safety and comfort of all participants including myself and people in and around the premises and any and all people in or around the area of all off-site activities during this event. I understand and agree that if I am found to be in violation of any of these rules or I engage in any conduct that results in any negative impact to any person(s) or property on or around the premises or during off-site activities will result in my immediate removal from the event and the premises for the remainder of the event without any refund or reimbursement.
You will receive an email confirming your registration and another when your payment is processed. Your registration number will be your "electronic ticket" (No physical ticket will be issued.)